Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Baterry technology

Researchers from Stanford University have discovered a new way to use silicon nanowires in rechargeable batteries that power mobile phones, laptops, video cameras, iPods and other similar devices. The new batteries will be able to store up to ten times more electrical power than existing Li-Ion batteries. "It's not a small improvement. It's a revolutionary development", said Yi Cui, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, who lead the research for the new battery technology. Thanks to the new concept, a mobile phone that now has a stand-by time of 6 days could operate for 60 days with a single full battery charge. The same goes for laptops, video cameras and other devices – they will be able to provide a much longer operating time compared to the one they are currently capable of. A standard Li-ion battery has an electrical storage capacity limited by the amount of lithium that can be retained in the battery's anode, usually made of carbon. When made of silicon, the anode can retain much more lithium, but silicon's disadvantage is that it pulverizes during charging cycles, lowering the battery's performance and life-cycle. The Stanford research team found a way to avoid this problem, by leveraging on nanotechnology. To store lithium, they use silicon nanowires, each with a diameter one-thousandth the thickness of a paper sheet. When soaking up lithium, the nanowires grow four times their size and then come back to normality, but due to their extremely small wired shape, they don't fracture in time. Hence silicon is better than carbon after all, it only has to be used as nanowires. This expanded storage capacity that Li-ion batteries proved to be capable of could make them appropriate for electrical cars and, as Mr. Yi Cui believes, also for homes and offices, where they could be used to store electricity produced by rooftop solar panels. Although the new batteries are not yet available, the Stanford team has filed for a patent and, hopefully, the batteries will start to be manufactured in 2008. Charging your mobile phone only six times a year – imagine that!

Smallest bible

And you thought that fellow who managed to fit your entire name -- middle initial included -- onto a grain of rice was hot stuff. Apparently, a team of nanotechnology experts at the Technion institute in Haifa were able to etch some 300,000 words (Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible) onto a minuscule silicon surface "less than half the size of a grain of sugar." The feat was accomplished by "blasting tiny particles called gallium ions at an object that then rebounded, causing an etching affect," and was reportedly done in order to show that copious quantities of data could eventually be stored on bio-molecules and DNA. Oh, and it only took about sixty minutes to finish the job.

Everything you need to know about GPS

Hi, In today’s grown up world though, it can really help a person who travels a lot in their job to have access to a GPS system of some kind. plugs directly into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and is very easy to install. Not only can help you find your way in a strange neighborhood, they can also diagnose any problems with your vehicle as well.Want to keep updated on the most current things going on with No problem! has their own Blog for GPS vehicle tracking to let you in on the most uptodate information that they have with all their products! Worried about something going wrong? Don’t! Help is only a click away when you need it. . They also offer free trials to selected customers and they ship and install the hardware the same day when the order is placed. In the form of after-sales support they offer a roadside assistance using GE for 4 incidents per vehicle per year. In recent years, GPS tracking systems have become more available for the small to middle sized companies. Private sector; especially fleet management, logistics and trucking companies, sales forces and delivery companies have to use this navigational system as earlier as possible to compete efficiently in their sector.GPS insight vehicle tracking system is a fast, easy to use and accurate real time hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product developed for such companies.’s Support team is always ready to help you, no matter what the situation may be.I myself think their mapping tools are amazing. There’s your basic map, a two dimensional thing that most of us are used to. Want something a little more specific? Use their 2-d Enhanced Mapping or 3-D Mapping for even more detail as to where you are. will let a company keep track of all their vehicles at once–no more wondering where someone is and calling them by phone. With the click of a couple buttons, an entire fleet’s location can be brought up in mere minutes. The unique thing is GPS insight provides GPS Insight support wiki for customers, which is available 24 hours and 7days a week. During off-hours, a number of our employees’ cell phones are called, and the first available off-hours support representative will answer your call. . As you need not to go for long term contract, GPSInsight’s flexibility will help you save lot of money. Enjoy!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

My new year celebrations

Hi bloggers. I'll be departing for a North India tour starting from Christmas which extends beyond the 1st Jan. So this year, I'll be celebrating this new year Delhi. I wish to convey my new year wishes and Christmas wishes well in advance. Thank you for your support and hope you continue to give me the same kind of response throughout the forthcoming year too. Once again, Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Manchester United downs Everton

Manchester United kept their hopes of title alive by defeating Everton in old traford. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace as Man U moved within striking distance of the title leaders Arsenal. Ronaldo opened the scoring with a brilliant shot. The Portuguese midfielder took the ball past Lescott, then faked right and cut left to evade Carsley before putting in a left foot curler that caught Howard off guard as the ball nestled in the back of the net. Great goal! Everton struck immediately in the form of Cahill. He headed a cross from Pienaar. At half time, the two teams went level pegging.
Ronaldo and Tevez missed easy chances to get the lead for Manchester United. Giggs gave two easy chances to Ronaldo but he shot them wide. Ronaldo gets fouled on the edge on the box. The Portuguese takes the freekick but just passes to the centre to the waiting Rooney whose shot just curls over the bar. David Moyes takes Yakubu off and brings on Gravesen as a replacement. Finally, he scored his second goal in the form of penalty. This time it was due to the result of a foul from Pienaar. Finally Man U won 2 -1.

Chiranjeevi - the Don

After Ajith's super hit film "Billa", Telugu super star Chiranjeevi has also released his version of the movie 'Don.' This movie is already "don"ned by three superstars which includes Rajni, SRk and Amitab, is the latest with Chiru in the sets. The fans are ecstatic and it appeared as if the holiday season has started for the actor's fans. This movie is already a hit among the distributors and the producers as they reaped in the profits even before its release. The story is similar to that of tamil movie, "Billa". Here also technology plays a key role in the movie and adds another feather to Chiru's cap. In tamil film industry, "Billa" gave Ajith the well deserved victory, still the movie is house full in many of the theatres, considering the fact that this movie was released in more number of theaters.

Lehman - Germany's Favorite

Even though his club might have snubbed him, the Arsenal goal keeper Jens Lehman is the favorite choice for his national team, Germany. Loew told that Jens has great qualities and will do well under pressure. Loew also praised Jens Lehman for his performance against England and Ireland. He said that Jens will retain his spot, even though there are goal keepers like Hildebrand and Enke, eyeing for the post. Lehmann, 38, lost his place in Arsenal's first-team in August, making just one first-team appearance since, and the disgruntled goalkeeper has been linked with a transfer to Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg. With Almunia taking up the spot in Arsenal, Lehman will have little match practise before the Euro 2008.

Rare celestial event

Tonight will be 'El Classico' even in the skies! Two planets namely earth, Mars along with the sun will come in a straight line on 24th December. This will be a rare celestial event and will help to improve the study of the Red planet. Mars is currently visible to the naked eyes immediately after the sunset. Mars was closest to the earth in this year within a distance of 88 million kilometers from the earth. On December 24 - Sun, Earth and Mars - will be in one straight line and opposite to each other. This planet can be seen in north-east and east direction, immediately after the sun set and on the Christmas eve. Earth makes two trips around the sun, while Mars manages just one. So it appears as if Mars will rise from the east and sets in the west during the night time and the sun as usual rises from the east and sets in the west during the day time.

El classico tonight

Spanish Premiera's El classico match is tonight. The two catalian giants Barcelona and Real Madrid fill face each other in Camp Nou. The Catalan giants will be without the injured Lionel Messi for the top-of-the-table showdown, and coach Frank Rijkaard also looks set to leave out Ronaldinho on the bench after the pair exchanged strong words in training on Friday.

If the Brazilian is indeed left out, Rijkaard will hand a starting berth in the game known in Spain as `el clasico' to young Mexico forward Giovani Dos Santos, who impressed as a substitute in last week's 3-0 win at Valencia. As well as Ronaldinho, Deco also looks set to start on the bench, but Thierry Henry returns from injury and could play.

Barcelona have struggled on the road this season, but have won all of their eight league matches at the Nou Camp this term. Despite leading the Primera Liga and producing two five-goal performances on the road (at Villarreal and Valencia), Real Madrid have looked vulnerable on their travels this term. Bernd Schuster's side lost to Espanyol on their last visit to Barcelona in October and were also defeated at Sevilla in early November.

BJP sweeps Guj Polls

BJP has won nearly two thirds of the total 182 seats in the gujarat assembly election, thereby emerging the single largest democratic party to set up the government. It was four in a row for BJP and this is the third consecutive time for Narendar Modi. Advani and many other BJP leaders attributed to the victory to Modi and the parties' policies. Advani said that the people of Gujrat have voted for development. In a statement to a private news channel, Modi said that he is CM today and will be CM forever. According to him, CM will mean only Common Man and nothing else. This victory also dealt a heavy blow to Congress party and its ideologies. Campaigning of Sonia and Rahul failed to turn the tide in favor of them. The recent sting operation also failed to make an impact among the people.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Arsenal wins derby

It is the famous London Derby this evening in the emirates Stadium in North London. It was jam packed and the raucous crowd erupted at the referee's whistle. Arsenal dominated the first ten minutes. But later on, till the end its was Tottenham Hotspurs that dominated the game. Two close shaves from Adebayor and Fabregas meant that the scores were level at the halftime with both the sides unable to score a goal.
The second half began briskly with Arsenal taking the lead within ten minutes of the start. Good piece of work from Rosicky, left adbeyor with an open chance which he netted gleefully. From then on, it was Spurs all the way. The put pressure on the Arsenal defence and succeeded in penetrating them. Berbatov shot one past Almunia to make the scores level. Robbie keane missed two easy chances to make them clear winners. His shot flew off the post at the 63rd minute. Couple of minutes after scoring the first goal, Spurs won a penalty due to Gallas' mistake in the D-box. Robbie Keane just shot in the same direction of Almunia, which was saved brilliantly by the Arsenal goal-keeper. Arsene Wenger's substitution in the form of Bendtner, fetched three points for the gunners. The corner from Fabregas was hit perfectly by him and that goal ensured all three points for Arsenal.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be Alert - Air Passengers!!

I got this one from my friend through my mail. I dunno its credibility. I just wanted to share this piece of information.

>Be Careful At the Indian Airports, This is a well-organized conspiracy
by Indian Immigration, Police, Customs and Air India staff with networking at all the Indian International Airports. Be watchful whenever you give your passport to immigration/ Customs/Air India staff. The passport can be easily tampered and can create trouble to you. They have found easy way of making money from NRIs. This is the way it works:
At the time of the passenger's departure, if the passenger is not looking at the officer while he is stamping the exit, the officer very
cleverly tears away one of the page from the passport. When the passenger
leaves the immigration counter, the case is reported on his computer terminal
with full details. Now all over India they have got full details of the passenger with Red Flag flashing on the Passport number entered by the departure immigration officer. They have made their money by doing above.
On arrival next time, he is interrogated. Subject to the passenger's period of stay abroad, his income and standing etc., the price to get rid of the problem is settled by the Police and Immigration people. If someone argues, his future is spoiled because there are always some innocent fellows who think the honesty is the basis of getting justice in India. Which is wrong....
Please advise every passenger to be careful at the airport. Whenever they hand over the passport to the counters of Air India , or immigration
or the customs, they must be vigilant, should not remove eyes from the passport even if the officer in front tries to divert their attention.
Every month 20-30 cases are happening all over India to rob the NRIs the minute he lands. Similar case has happened with Armco's Arifuddin. He was traveling with his family. They had six passports. They got the visa
of America and decided to go via Hyderabad from Jeddah. They reached Hyderabad. Stayed about a month and left for the States. When they reached the States, the page of the American visa on his wife's passport was
At the time of departure from Hyderabad it was there, the whole family had to return to Hyderabad helplessly. On arrival at Bombay back, the police caught them and now it is over 2 months, they are running after the Police, Immigration officers and the Courts. On going in to details with him, he found out the following: One cannot imagine, neither can believe, that
the Indian Immigration dept can play such a nasty game to harass the innocent passengers.

All the passengers traveling to & fro India via Bombay and Hyderabad must be aware of this conspiracy. Every month 15 to 20 cases are taking
place, at each mentioned airport, of holding the passengers in the crime of
tearing away the passport pages. On interviewing some of them, none of them was aware of what had happened. They don't know why, when and who tore away the page from the middle of the passport. One can imagine the sufferings of such people at the hands of the immigration, police and the court procedures in India after that. The number of cases is increasing in the last 2-3 years. People who are arriving at the immigration, they are questioned and their passports are being held and they have to go in interrogations. Obviously, the conspiracy started about 2 to 3 years ago, now the results are coming. Some of the Air India counter staff too is involved in this conspiracy.

Picture of the year

Sivaji - the 'Bose':

This picture is really cool one and i got it through my mail. I thank my friend (nbs), who has sent this picture. I've uploaded some cool pictures. You can take a look at some of them here

A Starry affair

Atlast, the astronomers in America have managed to capture an "exciting" blast that occurred in the universe. Star-gazing (Astro-Physics) is my favorite subject. I love reading about the stars, galactic events and the nature of the objects in the universe (especially space). This time I've a news regarding the black hole blasts. The massive cosmic assault of a black hole blasting an immense jet of radiation into a nearby galaxy has been observed by astronomers for the first time.The name, "Death star" can be attributed to an age old star that is about to shoot a lot of energy into a space and is in its last stage of its life-cycle. Americans have managed to capture the energy patterns and the deflection patterns.
The radiated beam energy was so high that it got punched through to the near-by galaxy. This jet could be causing lot of problems for the smaller galaxy that it is plummeting. The black hole in the larger galaxy was viewed blasting out the jet of radiation and particles, especially high-energy rays like Gamma rays and X-rays, as the smaller one moved right into the jet's path. This will have substantial effect on the small galaxy but it need not be a negative one. This may also result in formation of large number of stars in the smaller galaxy due to the huge influx of energy.

Australia wins series

Australians proved that they are still the number one team in the world cricket. This win will send out strong message to the Indians, who are camping in their country to play a test series and a triangular series against them. Ponting and his bowlers tormented New Zealand on Thursday as Australia reclaimed the Chappell Hadlee Trophy one-day series at Bellerive Oval in emphatic fashion. The juggernaut Australians clobbered the Black Caps for 282 for six off their 50 overs and then reduced them to 168 all out off just 34 overs to seal a 114-run victory and a 2-0 series victory. Ponting's men lost the last series 3-0 in New Zealand last February, just months before they went through the World Cup unconquered in the Caribbean. It was Australia's 17th victory in their last completed 19 one-day internationals, emphasising the gulf with the rest of the cricket world. Ponting's unbeaten 134 off 133 balls, following his 107 off 108 balls in Australia's opening series win in Adelaide last week, justifiably made him man of the series.
It was Ponting's sixth one-day century against New Zealand and the 25th in the limited-over form of the game. Once Ponting powered Australia to their 282 total, the pressure was on the Kiwis to keep in the contest after New Zealand won the toss and sent them into bat. After speedster Brett Lee removed both openers, Brendon McCullum (6) and Jamie How (2), inside the first five overs, the Black Caps were always up against it and they slumped to 88 for seven before some late lusty hitting by Scott Styris delayed the inevitable. Styris crashed two sixes and nine fours in his belligerent 75 off 79 balls, including three consecutive boundaries off Lee before the pace spearhead rattled his middle-stump with a yorker. Lee claimed 3-47 off nine overs and leg-spinner Brad Hogg 3-49 from six overs. Once again, Ponting was in imperious form, clubbing 10 boundaries and two sixes to guide the Australians to their testing total in his first ODI century on his home Bellerive Oval. Andrew Symonds smashed 52 off 63 balls with four fours and opener Matthew Hayden contributed 29 off 32 balls.

The Kiwi bowlers were hard-pressed to contain the Australian batsmen with all-rounder Jacob Oram having the best return with 2-34 off 10 overs. The Australians lost Brad Haddin (26 off 25 balls) and James Hopes (20 from 17 balls) to run-outs. Wicketkeeping understudy Haddin got his opportunity to play when Adam Gilchrist was rested, allowing Michael Clarke (7) to open the Australian innings with Hayden. The second match of the series was washed out after just six overs in Sydney last last Sunday.

Shoaib Actor

The title is not a misnomer. It's only about the Pakistani paceman's recent assignments. Shoaib Akthar extended his stay in India after the recent Indo-Pak series. This is mainly due to the fact that he is getting lot of offers from the Bollywood. In another four to five months we might see him in the big screen. On asked about his role he said, "I don't want to tell lies. Yes, I'm getting offers to act in the film. There are more than a few. More than five to be exact(?). I will think about these offers and will make the right decision, soon". He also denied the reports of quitting international cricket for acting films. He thanked Mahesh Butt for his kind offers and identifying the talent within him. He also said that his ultimate aim was to open a school for the orphans. So, it will be another head-ache for the PCB (not for Akthar), as he is willing to manage both film and cricketing career. So let's be ready to get bowled over by Akthar in a different arena.

"Victory" for Lara

After Shoaib Akthar, its Brian Charles Lara's turn to step into Bollywood. Lara is acting along with Harman Baweja. This will be under the banner of "Adlabs." Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao are playing the lead roles in the film. Baweja is playing the role of a cricketer in this movie. Baweja plays the role of a boy, who has innate talents for playing cricket. The story explains his pathway to glory. Atlast he becomes the world's greatest cricketer. Baweja will be travelling to Australia to join Brian and other cricketers for the movie. Brett Lee's name is also involved in recent gossips regarding his entry in the Bollywood. Let's hope, he too makes his Bollywood debut soon.

Online back-gammon site

You have thousands of online backgammon sites but the gammon world is the best. The design of the site is quite user friendly and you can also play online gammon tournaments. Gammon world offers you the latest events and tournaments. It also helps you to improve the game by giving some valuable tips to play backgammon. Even if you are beginner you need not worry, they explain step b step and allow you to learn much quicker and better. Play backgammon daily and win huge amount of money. This site is also available in six different languages.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Speak Through 'ear'

Japanese are a century head of the rest of the world in technologies and gadget findings. On Tuesday, they recently unveiled a device that will allow the users to speak through the "ears", so that they can make use of their mobile phones even in noisy areas. The device named "e-Mimi-Kun" (good ear boy) - doubles as an earphone and a microphone by detecting air vibrations within the ear. This ear-piece can be connected to a mobile phone or wireless bluetooth headset, so that the users need not cover their mouth while speaking in the noisy places. The chip technology helps reducing the noise levels by six-folds and thus enabling the users to speak in real hands-free. It will be mainly useful to people working in factories, amusement parks, restaurants, etc.

Coincidence Photography

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vijaykanth in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu

Arsenal stays ahead

Arsenal held on to their one point lead to be the league toppers in EPL. On Sunday night two important clashes were held in EPL. Liverpool hosted Man U and Arsenal hosted Chelsea. Liverpool hampered their chances of winning the title by squabbling the opportunities awarded by Edwin Van Der Sar. The Manchester United goal keeper fell twice in the six yard box and presented an open net to the Liverpool. But on both the occasions they failed to capitalize. Manchester United took the lead just before half time. Giggs corner was sent to Rooney before Tevez finished it off in style. That goal was enough to give manchester United all the three points and they led the standings for a brief period of time.
Arsenal re-captured the lead by defeating Chelsea 1-0. In this match too, a moment of carelessness from an otherwise brilliant Peter Cech led to the defeat. He failed to collect the corner from Cesc Fabregas. Gallas, the former Chelsea player and the captain of Arsenal, cooly headed the ball into the open net. The match was eventful with 9 bookings, 5 for Chelsea and 4 for Arsenal. Gunners maintained their lead of single point and also won credits for ending 17 matches unbeaten run for Chelsea.

Automobile parts

While surfing the net, I stumbled upon the site drivewire. It provides amazing car accessories and auto parts at a discount price. This site boasts itself with one of the largest online catalogs containing details about car parts , etc. You can choose the accessory of your car by just selecting your car's manufacturing year. There is special consideration for ford auto parts which you can directly buy from the Ford dealer himself with discounts as high as 60 percent. You can also get specifications about a particular part by selecting either replacement part catalog or performance part catalog. So the next time when you want to buy a car accessory, definitely stop at drivewire.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Watermelons and egg shells

There's nothing interesting going on around me, so I've decided to post some of the cool pics that i got from my friends or through my mail. Hereafter, if there's no big news in the world of sports or gadgets or any other important field, then I will be posting some interesting pics and facts. So don't feel for that. Here are a few pics from mail for you..


These egg shells were cut with a high intensity precision Laser Beam. This gives a very good idea of what can be achieved with a Laser Beam. From this can be surmised what laser surgery performed on one's eye is all about. Is it any wonder how one's vision can be improved in just a few moments? Science is sometimes wonderful, and it's still on the frontier of gaining new knowledge.

Incredible what can be done with an eggshell and a laser beam.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chennai Superstars Lift the Inagural ICL 20:20 Cup

Chennai Superstars became the first champs of the ICL. They beat Chandigarh Lions by 12 runs to lift the inaugural ICL cup. It was a thrilling encounter and the match went to the wire. Chris cains won the toss and elected to field first. His decision back-fired when Tuffey was sent off for two fours and a six of his over by Ganapathy. But his flourish was ended the very next ball by Tuffey himself. Chris Read and Ian Harvey looked to take the game away from the Lions. They had a brilliant partnership of 43 runs in just 31 balls. Read was dismissed by a blinder from the wicket keeper Sarabjeet Singh. He threw the ball with only a single stump to hit for, Read was confident that it will not hit. But unfortunately he has to go back to the pavilion. Russel Arnold followed him after making just seven runs for him. Later on in the innings Stuart Law and Badhani added some valuble contribution to present them a defendable target. Chennai Superstars managed 155 for 8 in their alloted 20 overs.
Shabbir Ahemed began the proceedings in the bowling department. He drew first blood by dismissing the in-form Imran Farhat, the score was just 6 then. Shabbir Ahemed returned to scalp the wicket of Hamish Marshall. Lions were in deep trouble with just 19 for the loss of 2 wickets. Manish Sharma was castled by Kumaran. But T P Singh joined hands with Dinesh Mongia for the Lion's roar. Their partnership was worth 36 runs before Tejendhar Pal Singh departed. It appeared that Chandigarh Lions will definitely win the match when Andrew Hall and Sarabjeet Singh was playing but the superstars controlled them well and brought the match to the very last over. Atlast, Singh got out and Chennai superstars tasted victory. Shabbir Ahemed was awarded man of the match while Harvey went away with the man of the series award. This ended the interesting and enchanting 20:20 championship that was held for the past couple of weeks. ICL is all set to organize a 50 over tournament and several other fixtures. They released their itinerary for 2008 which included a domestic cup and 20:20 championships, with the participation of 2 other teams, which will be invited later by ICL.

Liverpool Vs Manchester United

(please click the play button twice to start playing the video)

This is the match analysis of Liverpool Vs Manchester United that took place in Anfield on 16th of december. Carlos Tevez scored a beautiful goal from the corner, which was enough to give all three points to Man U

Cute babies

Football News - It's a different ball game

Now-a-days you might have noticed a different football used in Seria, World cup, etc. This football is gradually gaining popularity and will replace traditional football. This is the all new Adidas ball made up of only 8 pieces. The traditional ball is mostly hand made with 14 pieces of football material joined together. You might have seen regular hexagons and pentagons in those balls. The new ball doesn't have such things. It is just made up of 8 pieces joined together. Advantage of the new ball is that it offers more curl in the air and requires only less amount of shot power. New technology like transmitter ICs, can be integrated with this one. It is more lighter and easy to handle for the goal-keepers. But on the negative side, it is more difficult to make because you won't get a perfect spherical shape with only 8 pieces. Irregular symmetry will result into unpredictable swing that will annoy the goal-keepers. But as a whole this looks great and easier to handle. So it is better to have a few in your practice grounds before the actual match.

My power woes

Even though I live in a metropolitan city, I have my own dose of problems, that too regarding the basic amenities like power supply. During the night time, especially from 9 pm tol 7 am, the voltage constantly "varies." I'm unable to use my computer during those time. Even though I've a UPS, the current spikes are so sharp that they escape the UPS (I've a brand new UPS, so no problems with that one). I'm forced to do blogging during the day time, as a result my internet bill shot up like Indian Stock Market. I'm unable to download movies, music and many other stuff due to power fluctuations. My recent casualty came in the shape of BCA, when I was about to cast my vote for the travel blog my computer restarted automatically and after that I was unable to submit my vote. Even though I've lodged a complaint about the power fluctuations in our so called "electricity board", till now they have not rectified my problem. I'm thinking of alternate solutions like unlimited net, etc, etc. Hope will get some remedy sooner rather than later.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Intelligent football

Here is the all new intelligent ball. This ball has some special characteristics. This will intimate the referee, if the ball has crossed the line or not. This ball contains a chip in it. This chip monitors the ball's movement and transmits data to the antennas fitted into the light masts and other object around the pitch. The antennas are linked to high speed fiber optic rings, which route the data to cluster of Linux-based servers. Here the data will be processed and analyzed. The chip itself is suspended in the ball, such that it can observe hard kicks and acceleration efforts. This chip also provides additional informations like, number of times the ball is kicked, distance covered and other such statistics. Similar chips are manufactured to be inserted in a player's shin guard so that his performance can be monitored. This technique will be implemented in the club world cup that is taking place now. The referee will have a watch like device that indicate the ball's status such as, goal, out-of-bounds, etc. to the referee.

Chennai Superstars into the finals

ICL moved into its last leg with the semi finals getting over. The Chennai Superstars is the first team to enter the final of the ICL. They beat Kolkata Tigers by a huge margin. The match was pretty one side. Sathish was the real superstar in yesterday's match. He showed his class in all the three departments. Chennai won the toss and elected to bat first. They lost an initial wicket. But in form batsmen Ian Harvey and Read steadied the ship. Harvey scored a quick fire 28 runs. But when, Read was dismissed two other wickets fell cheaply and the superstars were reeling at 78 for 5. But the experienced Hemang Badani and Sathish took up the job and carried on very well. The partnership between the two was worth 61 runs and they took the game away from Tigers. Finally the total score was 168, which was a competitive one for the bowlers.
Tigers never had a decent partnership and lost their way completely. Ian Harvey, Thiru Kumaran and Tamil Kumaran took two wickets each. Shabbir Ahamed bowled a tight spell to keep the tigers at bay. Finally tigers succumbed to just 74 runs in 15.3 overs. Superstars are the first team to reach the finals of this major competition. Let's hope they make Chennai proud by lifting the cup.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Global Warming - Your contribution

We all know that there is a huge increase in global warming in the recent past and ecologist and other green activists are taking steps in creating awareness among the people. Most of the people know that global warming is the result of green house gases in the atmosphere and green house gases are formed from the emissions of vehicles, factories, etc. But most of us do not know that even in our house we have a regular source for these green house gases. The source is nothing but your incandescent bulb. This bulb, which we have been using for the past century or so, is the one of the source of global warming. Wherever possible, replace your incandescent bulb with a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)s. This save you money by saving the electricity and by lasting upto ten times longer than the normal bulbs. There are several procedures such as Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, dirve less and drive smart, etc. to reduce the rate of global warming. If possible, you can even plant some trees in the space around you. Most importantly you should also ask others to follow such conservative methods to tackle global warming in an efficient manner.

Billa opens today - updated

After Rajnikanth's Sivaji, Ajith's "Billa" is the much hyped and a movie with lot of expectations. This will be screened all over Tamil Nadu today. This is the hottest movie in the trade circuit now. In Chennai alone, Billa is opening in 10 screens (Sivaji 14 screens), with mount road area alone showing it in four screens. The advance booking for this movie is awesome; it has received a tremendous response from all corners of the city with the first ten days already booked in almost all the theaters. This film is supposed to be the costliest film for our thala Ajith, it is also sold for the highest price ever for an Ajith movie. Ajith is portrayed as "king of Opening"
Vishnu varadhan, the director is thrilled by the way the film has shaped out. Vishnu says," There is an old saying - never re-make a classic; but I wanted to make a different Billa. It was a difficult job for me as already three mega stars have played Billa over the years. It was difficult challenge and I assure the audience that my version is different in look, treatment and packaging." He was in all praise for Ajith. According to him, without Ajith the project would not have materialised. "Ajith gave me courage by saying that he would act in Billa. I feel Ajith has great fan following because he is cool and has the right attitude. He also commands a terrific screen presence."
This film is said to be the most stylish film ever made in the Tamil Film industry with glossy camera work, Chinese stuntman William Ong's action packed scenes, glamour girls, beautiful locales, meant for multiplex audiences, though the story remains the same. Nayanthara and Namitha appear in the most glamourous costumes. The film's music is scored by Yuvan and he has remixed two of the old hits.
Billa is already declared a hit by the traders because of the amazing advance bookings, lack of competition, solo opening with Christmas, New year and Pongal, a long list of holidays ahead. This movie will prove to be a turning point in Ajith's film career.

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EPL action

EPL action hots up with the matches like Arsenal Vs Chelsea and Manchester United Face Liverpool. Arsenal is just a point ahead of the second placed Man U. They should win this match to keep their title hopes alive. Liverpool lost cheaply in their previous EPL, they will be hoping to stage a comeback and pose a win against Manchester United. If you have missed the live action, then don't worry, the results and reviews will be posted soon

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Response time:

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I'll discuss about the other characteristics in my next post...

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sania Mirza in trouble

After a long gap, there is some news about "the tennis ace" Sania Mirza, but this time she is in the news for wrong reasons (as usual). Sania Mirza was in trouble again for advertisement reasons. A complaint has been lodged against her by the department of minority welfare group for shooting an ad film without permission in the premises of Mecca Masjid. A case has been registered against her under section IPC 448. It deals with trepassing of restricted areas. A case was also filed against the ad film company. Sania Mirza was earlier in the thick of controversy regarding the kind of dresses she wears during her matches. Later that subdued and now this one has come up against her. She was not available for comments. Deoband Masjid also issues Fatwa against Sania Mirza. They also demanded unconditional apology from her side. Any way, stars and controversies can't do wothout each other.

Manchester United Fans stabbed

Champions league action, this week was carried off the field, in which five Man U fans were stabbed before the start of Man U Vs Roma match. However, there was nothing to choose between the sides and the game ended in a tame draw (1-1). Arsenal survived a scare and managed to pull off a convincing 2-1 win in their league game. Liverpool won 4-0 to secure a place into the final 16. Barcelona came from behind to win 3-1. Ronaldhino scored the third goal and was involved in an assist. Rangers were thrashed out by a ferocious Lyon side, who defeated them 3-0. Inter Milan won 1-0 against PSV. Julio Cruz scored the only goal of the match. Sevilla beat Slavia Prague 3-0.

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Surprise! Suprise!

Virendhar Sehwag found his way into the Indian team!!! Ya, that's the biggest surprise yesterday. He was not even in the list of 24 probables. The squad for the Australian tour was announced. Gautham Gambhir suffered a shoulder injury which needed three weeks rest and hence Sehwag gained his place. The inclusion of paceman Pankaj Singh was another surprise. Kumble has opted for only two spinners, Harbhajan along with the captain himself. The openers included Wasim Jaffer, Dinesh Karthick (Wicket-keeper batsmen), Virendhar Sehwag. The middle order is the strongest line up in the world with Tendulkar, Dravid, VVS Laxman, Yuvraj, Souvrav and Mahindra Singh Dhoni. Pace attack included Zaheer, RP Singh, Irfan Pathan (only all-rounder), Pankaj Singh and Ishanth Sharma.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

India lifts the Indianoil Cup

Pakistan narrowly escaped from the facing defeat in the third and final test match of Indian oil Cup here at Bangalore. Indians earlier had set 374 as target for the Pakistan with half centuries from Dinesh Karthick and Sourav Ganguly. Ganguly today surpassed the thousand run mark for this calendar year for the first time in his career. Ganguly was out for 91 off Mohammed Sami. Later Dinesh Karthick came in. This was the last chance for him to prove himself as a worth-while batsmen. He played a ferocious knock of 52 off just 66 balls. He smashed Kaneria and many other bowlers all over the park before getting out to Yasir Arafat for 52. Kumble declared immediately after Karthick's dismissal. The score was at 284 for 6.
Pakistanis looked to play for the draw but ended up trying to save the game from an outright defeat. The homeground helped Kumble a lot. He dismissed Hameed for 39 runs for the fifth time in this series. Yonous Khan who replaced Hameed fell cheaply for a duck. He played a quicker one straight back to Kumble, looking for turn which was not there. Paksitan didn't have much trouble at that time. Salman Butt battled out time. But a brilliant catch by dinesh Karthick of a Kumble's delivery sent him back to the pavillion. Faisal Iqbal and Misbah ul-Haq scored the runs quickly. But Faisal was dismissed by Kumble after making a well crafted 51 runs. Kamran Akmal followed him to the pavillion in the very next ball. Kumble completing his five wicket haul. Yuvaraj Singh did something with the ball that casteled Misbah's stumps. The next over of Yuvi saw the dismissal of Arafat. Pakistan was reeling at 162 for 7. Bad light stopped play and after that light never recovered for the play to start. Finally the umpires called off the play and the match was declared as drawn and Indians were awarded the Indianoil Cup.
Sourav Ganguly was awarded the man of the match and man of the series awards for his contribution with both bat and ball. Indian squad for the Australian tour to be announced later today.

Rajnikanth's Birthday

Today (12/12/07) is an auspicious day for many Tamilians because it is their, "Superstar" Rajnikanth's 57th birthday. Rajni has acted over 150 films and he is undoubtedly the king of Kollywood. Usually his birthday will be celebrated by his fans in a different manner. On previous occasions, he has not made an public apperances and any press release. This time also he is out of station and will not be available for the release of the remake "Billa" by Ajith. He appreciated Ajith after watching the trailer of the movie and has wished him great success. Rajni fans will be celebrating his birthday with usual enthusiasm and zest. They will distribute free lunch and clothing for poor people. They will also indulge in various service activities sans their star. This time they have "billa 2007" as Rajni's birthday gift. They will be watching it with same passion as that of their own star. Let us hope he shines more brighter thatn ever and give more blockbuster hits both to his millions of fans and to the tamil industry. Many more happy returns for him!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bangalore test heads for a draw

Once again, Misbah proved to be indomitable for the Indians. Pakistan easily managed to surpass the 57 run mark to avoid follow on. Pakistan went on to make 537 runs. Ishanth Sharma took his first five wicket haul by removing the last four wickets of Pakistan innings. Today's play saw an important world record to be broken by the Indians. They gave away 76 runs as extras beating the previous worst of 71 runs given away by West Indies. Kamran Akmal was dismissed by Harbhajan Singh. Dinesh Karthick did an extremely good job by removing the bails off in just under quarter of a second time gap in which Akmal was out of the batting crease. Yasir Arafat played an important knock of 44 runs before becoming a victim of Ishanth Sharma. Misbah scored at his own will but only in a very slow rate. He played a brillant knock that included 12 boundaries. He was at his best and made full use of the chance provided to him by the Indians Yesterday. Shoaib Akthar and Danish Kaneria budged in without offering much resistance to Ishanth Sharma, thereby completing his first five wicket rout. Eventually Pakistan were all out for 537 nearly 90 runs short of Indians.
Indians began in a steady pace but lost an early wicket in the form of Gambhir. Gautham gambhir failed yet again by making only 3 runs. He was bowled by Shoaib akthar's delivery. Wasim Jaffer fell to a low kept delivery that moved towards the stumps. This happened in the bowling of Yasir Arafat, the manner was very similar to that of the first innings. He made only 17 runs. Sourav Ganguly then steadied the ship along with Dravid. Ganguly made a quickfire 63which included 9 fours and a six. Dravid is still in the crease after scoring 35 runs. Indians are 131 for 2 at the end of day 4. This match is definitely heading towards a tame draw.


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American culture spreads in India

Indians are adopting the western culture especially Americans, but this one is on the negative side. This time they have chosen school shooting to adopt. For the first time in India, an eight standard student was shot dead by his fellow class mate in euro international school in Gurgaon. This was due to clashes between two groups in that school. Three shots were fired at the victim, one on his head and two in his chest. Two boys are arrested so far and the police have also got the weapon. Revolver belonged to the father of the accused. Police is still investigating the case.

Monday, December 10, 2007

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Billa Bookings opened today

Billa 2007 's bookings opened today in Tamil Nadu. The intial bookings got tremendrous response from Ajith fans and others. Unofficial reports claimed that the first ten days of the film has got booked in the opening hour. The movie must live up to its hype that has be created here. Ajith has "don"ned a different role in this movie. Nayanthara too sported a new slim n sexy look. Prabhu along with Rehaman has done the role of police officers. The trailer of the movie is already a big hit. Though the music didn't click that much, let us hope that the initial response and momentum sustains for few more months and this film turn out to be as successful as the original Billa.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

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Dada scores maiden double ton

Dada continued his form and went on to score his first double century. India managed to score 626. Pathan also scored his maiden test century on this day. Bowlers were sent all over the park. Karthick fell cheaply for 24 runs. But the partnership for the sixth wicket was worth 50 odd runs. Then came Pathan. He initially scored at a slower rate and supported Ganguly. But as the match progressed he too got his own 50. Then came the finest moment in Ganguly's career. He scored his first double century in his cricketing history. He then got out cheaply for Danish Kaneria for 239 runs. Pathan stepped up the pace and Indians crossed the 600 run mark. But wickets were tumbling at the other end. Kumble was done in by Kaneria's doosra. Then, Harbhajan Singh got out to a typical Arafat delivery that didn't bounce after hitting the ground. At one stage, Indians were at 618 for 9 with only Ishanth Sharma in company of Irfan. Pathan scored his century with a magnificent six off Kaneria. He got out the very next ball, when the score board read 624 Indians were all out.

Pakistan started briskly with a four from salman Butt in Pathan's over. Yasir Hameed and Butt scored at their own will and the scoring rate was nearly 5 an over. Pakistan reached its 50 in just 12 overs. Ishanth Sharma was not effective with the ball. He sent for three consecutive boundaries in an over. Kumble tried with Sourav Ganguly but he too failed to provide the much needed break through. Finally, Kumble himself stepped into the attack. But he too was dispatched for consecutive boundaries in his first couple of balls. Sooner, he recovered his touch and got the wicket of Yasir Hameed, adjudged leg before. At stumps Pakistanis were 86 for 1 still 540 runs behind the Indians


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Return of Prodigal son

Fernando Alsono inked a 2 year contract with Renault. He left Mclaren Merecedes due to the internal conflicts. Alonso joined Mclaren only in the last season which was earlier described as his new haven but it was rather unpleasant for him. Last season was an interesting one which saw Lewis Hamilton prevailing over most of the pro drivers like Kimi and Alonso for almost the entire season except for the last match though. Alonso finished third in that season. Alonso openly admitted that he didn't receive his due respect. This season's constructor's championship will also hot up amidst teams like Mclaren, Ferrari, Renault gearing up with good drivers. Let's hope 2008 F-1 season will also be as interesting as the previous one.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chennai Superstars record win

In the ICL action, Chennai Superstars registered, a record thrid straight win. They acheived this feat by defeating Chandigarh Lions in a nail biting match at Panchkula. CL were lead by Chris Cains while Stuart Law lead the Chennai Superstars. Chandigarh Lions won the toss and chose to bat. They had a shaky start and were reeling at 16 for the loss of 2 wickets. Then Manish Sharma and Tejandra Pal Singh struck a vital partnership before former was dismissed at the team score of 86. Manish had scored 36 by then. Rest of the batsmen followed the suite, except Chetan Sharma who played a fighting knock of 27 runs off just 16 deliveries. Both the Kumarans scalped two wickets each and the rest was shared by Shabbir Ahmed, Ian Harvey and Saravanan.
It was the most thrilling run chase and the highest too. The Chennai Superstars managed to pull off a victory with just a ball to spare and with four wickets in hand. Ian Harvey held the key. He played till the 18th over and managed 48 runs. The other batsmen scored 11, 13, 1, 12, 17 and 17 along with 10 extras, CS managed to win for third time in a row. They are topping the charts with full six points from three matches and are up and running for the title.

Indians recover after a shaky start

The third and final test match between India and Pakistan began in Bangalore today amidst the injury worries in both the camps. Kumble won the toss and chose to bat first. The ball was swinging and the batsmen were having a tough time in the middle. Mohammed Sami struck first displacing Gautam Gambhir. Shoaib Akthar went to hospital during the match to check his Back Spasm, he was cleared and was asked to take rest for the next couple of days. Then Jaffer and Dravid had a steady partnership before Arafat was brought in. Yasir's arrival marked the beginning of dismal performance by the batsmen. The pitch too aided him by keeping low at times. Dravid was dissmissed when trying to play a cut shot too close to the body off Arafat's bowling. He was caught behind for 19 runs. Jaffer soon followed him by trying to leave an incoming delivery that kept low. He was the second victim of Arafat. Later VVS Laxman tried to steady the ship along with Ganguly. But he was also bowled a low kept delivery from Yasir Arafat.
Then came Yuvaraj Singh, who replaced the injured Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Yuvi struggled before settling down. He then cleared the ropes at his own will. He along with Ganguly took India past the tea and post-tea session without much damage. Younus was forced to operate with only two strike bowlers, with Arafat and Shoaib sittting in the Pavilion. This made to make absurd bowling changes that included Yasir Hameed, Butt and for a couple of overs, the captain himself searched for a break through but in vain. Ganguly and Yuvraj relished them and they were sent all over the park. Yuvaraj reached his third test century and ganguly too reached the triple figures without much ado.
Only in the 88th over of the match Mohammed Sami got the important wicket of Yuvraj Singh. Yuvi was caught at gully when a leading edge flew off in the opposite direction. He has already made 169 valuable runs for his team before he got out. Dinesh Karthick came in and ensured that there were no further losses. At stumps Indians were 365 for 5 with Ganguly on 125 and Karthick on 3. This is the highest single day total by any team in the Indian soil. And all the three centuries of Yuvi has come against Pakistan. This is Souvrav's first back-to-back ton after ten years. So Indians are in a commanding position and should not waste away this opportunity.